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Swimsuit Issue 2011

Vanessa and Davan: No Drooling


Sadly, most of you have seen this as I had to use it for filler while at Phoenix Comicon a few weeks ago. Oh well. I still like it a lot.

A few people have asked why I'm doing this. The first time I did this was in the last week of May, 2002, after I finally put a PayPal donate button on the front page. Readers were pretty kind to me so I wanted to say thank you, and I did it with a swimsuit issue. The idea wasn't particularly unique. Keenspot had done it a few times before. This time, I'm just doing it because this is year ten, it was something fun to do, and because it's a chance to do a bunch of extra art for all of you as a thank you for reading.

The original was mainly one panel gag comics, which is probably what this one will be, too (well, except one that started as practice and I just liked it a lot). Except for today, I'll be posting one a day until... well, I'm bored (which guarantees you'll at least get a week's worth since I've already got that many done). And unless I get tired of it, they'll all be watercolored. Hope you enjoy 'em. -R.
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