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December 31, 2003



December 31, 2003

Here's the newest email from CeltWiccan - this will probably be the last post I make about it for a while (note that I said probably). I just found it... funny. By the way, thanks to the 200+ Wiccans/Pagans who emailed me yesterday to make sure I know not all of them are like CeltWiccan. Don't worry - I think we all know that. Here's the last letter he sent (he apparently didn't like all the emails that were sent to him):


When you're in the business of making money at others' expense by spreading lies about and holding their religions up to ridicule, you should expect what you receive. You and your strip are so much trash. Two can play your game. I'm putting you on the World Wide Pagan Network as an enemy of free speech and alternative religions. You should be receving a few hundred e-mails a day, but I know the quality of them will be better than the slut of odious drudge I've been receiving from you and your readership.

Get a clue and a life, asswipe."

... Again, wow. I'm an enemy of Wicca and Free Speech. I feel a little bad about that, so I redesigned Mr. Personality (that's our logo's name) to be more inviting to those of alternative religions. See? Everyone's welcome here! -R

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