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December 19, 2005
Today's Comic
End of Year Four

December 23, 2005

For me, the year ends when S*P's story year ends. New Year's Eve is just sort of an event that happens and is incidental at best, full of drunks at worst.

I always feel weird when I end a year. I feel like I'm supposed post something important about how I felt about the past year in the comic and what I did... all that crap. Steve Jackson does a State of the Company post on the Daily Illuminator, which I respect (granted, I respect a lot of stuff about Steve). I feel like I should be doing that for S*P. But what to say?

As for as S*P goes, it's been a rough year - but not because of the comic itself. There were a lot of outside forces that caused turmoil in my life. 2005 has not been, on any single front, a pleasant year for me, and most of what happened hit at almost the exact same time. That's what MM and NGD are on indefinite hiatus (which I've said before but most people don't read news rants and instead email me - which, incidentally, is why I never reply to those emails). I came to a crossroads that was: Focus on one comic and put the other two off; update all three randomly; or stop all three and do something else. The first one won, and since S*P is more important to me, it's what I chose to focus on.

The comic has become more personal to me in the past eight or so months than it's been since year one. In some ways, too personal. Story wise it's been a great year. I've probably leaned on it too much to help me work out details in my own life, but that happens sometimes. For the few of my friends who have been caused discomfort or concern by this (okay, more than a few), I apologize.

None of this makes sense except to a few people who I care very dearly about. You know who you are. If in doubt, assume you're included. I hope everyone had a good 2005, but I hope you'll all excuse me if I'm not remotely sad to see this year end. I'm looking towards 2006 with some optimism. It could be worse than 2005, but I strongly doubt that will be the case. I'm hoping for a year where things work out a little more for everyone - a year where all the conversation left unfinished finally get closed, where the small details are figured out, and where the uneasiness gives way to familiar comforts of friendly faces and words.

And, of course, in saying this I've pretty much assured that I'll be plowed over by a drunken driver and killed instantly just before midnight on December 31st. Well, at least I can think of one person who's New Year will start off well because of it.

Take care, everyone. The "Old Familiar Faces" storyline will start Saturday or Sunday. -R

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