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DEcember 1, 2006

Today's Comic
Boobs Make the World Go 'Round

December 6, 2006

Where to begin? Let's start with an auction on a teddy bear. has been auctioning off teddy bears signed by celebrities and donating the money to help fight breast cancer - yet she also has a teddy bear signed by me (on the link you'll see what might be the sexiest picture ever taken of me). The bear is auctioning off now, but the auction ends on the 8th... so hurry. Because, man, if my bear goes for less than the old lady from "Golden Girls"'s bear went I'm gonna feel awful.

And while we're on the subject of boobs, this week the comic Penny and Aggie features art by me. The storyline started a bit earlier than I thought it would (hence I realized yesterday I sorta needed to send them the rest of the strips - because I suck ass). The storyline, "Undertow," starts here and is a sequel to another storyline I did the art for called Omega Sisters.

Finally, on the note of boobies... on my birthday I put up filler art (that's now on sale as a postcard. I thought the art was funny. Not all agreed, as this letter from a reader stated:

"I don't mind the filler on S*P. I do my best to overlook what I do mind about S*P and focus on its many redeeming qualities. But this is bugging me and it won't stop: Why does homicide Santa have to have his arm around a woman in low-cut lingerie, matching pumps and garters? Was that really necessary? S*P has this merciful tendency toward fully-clad women that I really appreciate, not to mention the Mike plotline wherein the "nice guy" was beautifully debunked. I find the basic decency of it all stellar and I'd like to cast my vote for more of that.




Okay, first off, if you don't know I love drawing women in various states of undress by now, I don't know what to say. Second, the art in question (as I told Sandi) was a parody of the old pulp detective book covers which has a hard-boiled detective, a victim, and a woman in next to nothing - that was the standard. So, I began to think of about this and I thought the whole thing was just funny. So, I decided to do the seven comics of Boobmas.

Hence why the last many updates have featured at least a couple of boobs. I thought it was funny - and my reply to Sandi wasn't curt. If she's been reading my comic for a while she should know I'm a bit ... capricious. Apparently, she did not quite think it's as funny as I do - nor appreciate my little tagline dedicated just to her:

"Was that "shout-out" really warranted? I even dropped it, rather than explaining that I caught the reference and still found it problematic.

So much for discourse."

Discourse is "dropping" a subject after it's explained to her? Was she going to debate the point further but her birthday gift to me choosing not to do so? I've no idea. But, Sandi, please take the Boobmas comics in the jovial spirit they were intended - and think of all the pleasure it's given people.

And all the pleasure everyone will get when Cocksgiving comes next November - all because of you.

Ho, ho, ho! -R

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