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November 28, 2005
Today's Comic

November 28, 2005

This was a real forum post I was shown by a friend. I'm hoping the person who posted it wasn't serious.

So the Alice prints continue to plague me, as well as a couple of shirts. I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on (as well as remember a password to a related email account - oops). Very annoying because I'd like to put some new prints up for sale so, y'know, I can pay a few bills. I hear that's how it works with electricity... and rent. (twitch) It seems everyone got theirs except a handful of people, as well as a couple of shirts (again, I'm glad the S*P stuff is done by W23 - the volume I could not handle without crying). Hopefully, that'll all be fixed up soon. And, yes, I plan on doing a Quintus print. -R
Gathering Pics

November 28, 2005

Pictures from the Denton gathering are up. There's not a lot. Sorry. I'll have more news up later. -R

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