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November 27, 2006

Today's Comic
Rhymes With Kill Me

December 4, 2006

First, a link. Goblins is a good fantasy comic. You should read it. Start when you finish reading this. The guy who draws it is pretty good, too, when he's not holding hostages (Tarol, don't let 'em get you down).

Also, Atomic Sock Monkey has a great new roleplaying game out called The Zorceror of Zoz based off of fairy tales. If you've played ASM's previous games you know they're quality. Give 'em a look.

Secondly, the Rhymes With Witch site is back - but not on its home server (which Burton Hosting assured me will be ready today). Unti.l then, it's being hosted on S*P. Also, you'll notice the RWW store is active again. I'm now selling postcards, prints, and I have two new shirt designs - Faster, Pussycat! Blog! Blog! and Bees. I've also brought back the Ho3 shirt for the holidys. The printer is turning all the newer shirts over to me on Thursday - which is when I'll be shipping them. All post cards and prints go out as I get the orders (except for the Enchanted Holidays postcard as I'm waiting for the new shipment of them to come in this afternoon).

So, please, browse around and buy something. My bills will thank you severely. -R

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