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November 24, 2008

Today's Comic

The Need to Move

December 1, 2008

Welcome to the new server, and thanks to my friend, Aaron, who made the move a lot less scary. My worries about this move compounded with strips that have been a minimum of six panels have worn on me lately.

Everything was ported over. Punch an Pie's DNS won't be changed to the new server's IP until tomorrow - we didn't wanna fuck with it the night an update is s'posed to hit, so we're going to work on it tomorrow night.

Everything else is just a matter of waiting for DNS definitions to update around the world (I've put the new site's IP number on the old site's front page so people can bookmark it "in case").

Here's why I've been flipping out. November 18th came and I realized I'd NEVER received my bill for the next month. I posted a ticket about it on Burton's site and made it medium priority. The next day I log in and my ticket's low priority now, but no response (also no notation of who lowered it or when, which is REALLY weird). I called Burton's tech support.

The number's disconnected.

Holy shit this is weird. I Google to see if Burton has changed its numbers. Instead I found many instances of other users having similar or worse problems - most going back to June of 2008, while others going back to October of 2007.

Mind you, the start of most of these people's problems (June 2008) was just after the last time I had to contact their tech support - so I've been really happy. In fact, it's been the best service I've had from them since Novmeber of 2006, when things started getting really shaky for me with them.

But I started doing math in my head, and I didn't like the sums.

(They take down the customer support number) + (They stop billing me) = (only a matter of time)

Phil Foglio once said of David A. Trampier, a cartoonist who vanished for many, many years and had his last checks returned to TSR unopened, "When an artist's checks are returned uncashed, he is presumed dead." When a service provider not only doesn't bill you, but doesn't act on you telling them you weren't billed, it's fair to assume they're not far off, either.

I really don't know what's going on with Burton Hosting or if they're actually going out of business. The truth is, no one knows - they aren't answering ANY tech support apparently, online or by phone. They didn't bill (me, at least, and I've been paying a stupid amount to them). According to one user during the summer, the company Burton uses for service hadn't heard from them either - I could have easily last my hosting right as I left for Comic-Con (Jesus, I didn't need that). So I've been lucky - but I don't feel like seeing how much longer that luck will go.

The backups are all done again and updated. The new server's chugging along (and at 1/7th the what I had to pay Burton) and I know it can handle loads (it's the same company that hosts PvP, Looking For Group, and Least I Can Do), and offers me more bandwidth than I had at Burton.

Here's hoping.

Seriously, I've been having nightmares about all this shit since it started - I've not had a full night's sleep in over a week. Oh, I can't wait to have uninterrupted dreams. Woot! -R

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