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November 12, 2006

Today's Comic

November 22, 2006

Man, I hate this holiday so goddamn much.

I'm starting this little message off with a personal note to a lot of people: my friend Sarah, T. Campbell, Don, and more. I've been very hard to reach for the past month or so, in about any way imaginable. I dunno what's up but I've felt like I've been having weird panic attacks and a lot of my direction is just wandering. Rinny's made comments proving it's not just in my head and a few other poeple have said as much, too. Sorry. I'm trying to get myself together, guys. I wish I knew what was up.

Okay, well, THAT was awkward. So, on to this. I received an email from a reader named Leigh Robb:

"I don't know if you get these sorts of requests often or at all, but I know a lot of people read S*P (I'm one of them). And I'm trying to find help- anywhere.

"I recently came into some major money issues. Major in the terms of it causing my rent check to bounce and me with no way to properly pay it. They want me out of my apartment by the 24th of this week (what a great holiday suprise) unless I can get somewhere around $700 together. I have barely $100 until the following week.

"If you could pass on word to your readers that I (Leigh, would appreciate any help: be it PayPal (same account), suggestions on how to get money, or offers to buy video games or computer equipment... that would be absolutely wonderful.

"Because it gets rather cold in Cincinnati this time of year.

"Thanks, for anything,


So I'm posting that here. I generally don't like doing that because you never know if these emails are legit, although I did manage to find her LJ and her mention of the problem there and I'd like to err on the side of need with this one. So, if you can offer Leigh any words of support or fiscal help, please do so. Sounds like she needs 'em. Take care of yourself, Leigh.

A lot of people contacted Leigh in an effort to help her, with advice and more. Thank you. -R

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