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November 1, 2017
Randy will be a guest at YoumaCon November 2-5 in Detroit, Michigan.

Today's Comic

Exhaustion and Trick-or-Treating.

November 1, 2017, 2017

So, before I begin, I wanted to do a call out to my friend Alan. He draw a comic called Rival Angels about women's wrestling. He's kickstarting his seventh book right now. If you're a fan of wrestling, give his comic a look and consider backing him.

And don't forget I'll be at YoumaCon in Detroit, Michigan this weekend as a guest. I hope to see some local readers there.

So, yeah. I am back in Savannah. Stephanie and I have our house in Dallas on the market. I have gotten a lot of kitty snuggles. Calming down, if just for a day.

So, I didn't get to do any Last Trick-or-Treaters paintings this year because my entire October was working on the house to get it ready. This... really messed me up more than I expected because I'm not done with them. Not by a long shot. So, what I'm thinking, if you guys want it, that I'll start posting them next week and make November to early December a make-up for Last Trick-or-Treaters. BECAUSE DAMN IT I WANT MY HALLOWEEN! I have have like four penciled and ready, I just never had time to work on them. Sound good? Let me know. -

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