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October 19, 2006

Today's Comic
Changes in Ad Policy and a Note to Christians

October 31, 2006

First off, let me go ahead and say this as I'd rather people not be suddenly surprised: as of tomorrow S*P will allow animated ads. Each ad will be monitored for content and decided on a case-by-case basis. I know this is going to upset some people and I do apologize. However, this is something I've thought long and hard over and have decided it's best for the site's continuance to start allowing it.

Secondly, the "Holy Ghost Stories" storyline upset some people - including my father. I made a promise to my dad long ago to avoid certain topics. Sadly, when I was researching the Hell Houses and learned some did incorporate a 9/11 room (one even centered around an entire terrorist attack)... well, I sort of lost it. Normally my storylines are about exaggeration. In regards to hell houses I found myself trying to understate things and omit some acts that occur that filled me with WAY too much rage.

Thirdly, to my Christian readers: I am sorry. I am sorry many of you do get stereotyped or find yourself having to defend your faith against those who've been jaded by the batshit insane. More than a couple of you (and one or two people who'd never read my comic before and only read enough of the archives to justify feelings of persecution without realizing I attack pretty much everything, but to you I don't apologize - to you I offer a hearty cock to suck upon - it's mint flavored!) felt this storyline was portraying Christians as the likes of Phelps. This was not my intent. However, I have some awful news for you.

The problem of being lumped with them won't go away until you become more vocal.

People assume most Christians are heavy-handed, pushy, intolerant bigots bent of dominating any other culture or idea and supplanting it with their own whims because, for the most part, the ones who speak up the most ARE heavy-handed, pushy, intolerant bigots bent on dominating any other culture or idea and supplanting it with their own whims. It sucks. It's horrible. And it's the what everyone of any faith, political idea, or lifestyle has to deal with. People always focus on the loud minority who ruins everything. And like any other group, the only way you can combat this is making your views and, in this case, your kindness and actual testimony louder than the hateful prattle of those hurting your beliefs.

I could go on about my history with Christianity (yes, I was once a Christian. I even, as a teenager, drew comics for a Christian Magazine called TeenQuest - TQ - published by Shepherd Ministries)- but I have a date tonight and it's Halloween. Maybe another time.

Have a happy Halloween. Be safe. Be well. And I'll see you all tomorrow with a new comic. -R

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