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October 18, 2010

Today's Comic
The Year Starts to Wind Down

October 28, 2010

First thing's first. Squishables has been one of my best advertisers for years now. Nice people, great products (what's not to love about a squishy Cthulhu or a fair-trade Red Robot? Well, now Squishables has their own webcomic - "The Fuzzy Five". Give it a chance, won't you?

So, the convention season hit a lull after SDCC. I did Dallas Webcomics Expo in August... and that's it. HOWEVER, that's about to change. November 6th and 7th I'll be at the second New England Webcomics Expo, and I won't be the only one. Danielle Corsetto of "Girls With Slingshots" will be there. Also, Jeph Jacques of "Questionable Content", R. Stevens of "Diesel Sweeties", Meredith Gran of "Octopus Pie", Dave Willis of "Shortpacked!" and "Dumbing of Age", Kate Beaton of "Hark! A Vagrant"... and like fifty other people who draw webcomics you probably like (seriously, look at that list). Oh - and MC Frontalot will be there, too. It'll be in Northampton, MA, again this year and I DO believe they'll be doing the Friday night pub crawl. You can drink with me, and the next day get a free sketch from me, too!

The weekend after (November 13th and 14th) I'll be sharing an artist table with Joel Watson of "Hijinks Ensue" at "Wizardworld Austin". I should point out it's a three day even and Joel will be there all three days, but I probably will only be there Saturday and Sunday (I'll explain why later, but I'm waiting to hear from some people).

And there will be one more event in December. I'm holding off announcing until I have details, but it'll be in Austin. And that'll end my appearance schedule for 2010.

Then it starts all over again in January, 2011.

Other stuff? I'm catchin' up on orders for the store today. Also, later this afternoon I'll be putting a whole bunch of specific comic art in the store for sale (a LOT of pirate kitty art) so please give that a look. Speaking of kitties, there are two new prints available, and the Super Stupor #2 reprints ARE in stock now. Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have the 2010 Christmas cards on pre-sale.

Oh, and if you want the occasional discount on merch, I sometimes to Twitter-only discounts on my Twitter, but I will warn you that I also post things on my Twitter that I keep out of my comic (like my views on religion, politics, and Tina Turner).

Also, I now have a Tumblr account. I don't know what to do with it, really. So far I've posted art on it mainly. Some are just panels from strips, although I did post a Vanessa watercolor and special little comic.

Soooooo yeah. Tada. Sorry, nothing else to say. I'll hopefully post another blog tomorrow when all the new art sales are posted, but don't hold you're breath. It's me we're talking about. -R.

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