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October 1, 2005
Today's Comic
S*P: The Fan-Made Short Movie

Octobber 13, 2005

So I may not be cool enough to be involved in a cross-webcomic World of Warcraft Guild War... or to spearhead an amazing toy drive for children... or to have my own con with attendance in the thousands... or have attractive women demand I sign their sexy bellies at cons (although a very hair man once asked)... or have a large home in the suburbs with a gorgeous wife/girlfriend/significant other and piles of cash to roll around in, instead of living alone in a ghetto burrow of Boston... er....

Uh, sorry about that.

But I have something that, as far as I know, no other webcartoonist can say they've been honored with. Some of my readers made an amature film based on Something Positive (file removed until I can get the files and host them - we used up their host's 70gigs of bandwidth in a few hours). It's only about 23 minutes long, and yes, it takes liberties with some of the past stories and how they're arranged - but it's a lot better than I could ever do. I like it. I cannot begin to tell you how completely and utterly surreal it is to know that some people liked the comic so much that they scripted, acted out and FILMED it. I'm feeling pretty damn flattered right now - and as anyone who knows me personally will atest, I go out of my way to not feel complimented. Thanks, guys! -R

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