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September 25, 2017

Today's Comic

Not Dead, Somehow

September 25, 2017, 2017

So, you all know Danielle Corsetto, my convention wife and creator of Girls With Slingshots. Well, she's been busy. First off, she's got a Kickstarter going for the complete Girls With Slingshots collection. If you're a fan of the comic you're gonna want this. And the Kickstarter was successful almost immediately so it's going to happen.

Needing something new from Danielle instead? No worries. She's actually started a new comic, called 32. It's an autobio comic and a lot of fun and very personal. I highly recommend it but I'm a tad biased.

If you're a local to the Detroit area, I'll be a guest at YoumaCon November 2nd through 5th. It will be my last convention for 2017 and my convention schedule for 2018 will be drastically cut down. Also, I haven't been to a convention in Michigan since 2010 and there's no telling when I'll get to go back. But I hope to see some of you there. Also, if you're an animation fan, Billy West is also a guest. Yeah, Futurama Billy West. Honestly, I'm the low guest on the pole there and that's fine.

The move to Savannah, Georgia is mostly done. Not everything's unpacked but I have a place to work and the cats have come in to snuggle me while I draw comics. I'm actually about to drive back to Dallas to prep the house for sale ('cuz holy shit paying rent and a house payment is a lot for anyone, especially a cartoonist and a librarian). But thanks for your patience and kind words. It's appreciated. -

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