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September 15, 2008

Today's Comic
Up to Early - Ain't Sleepin' Anytime Soon

September 15, 2008

First thing's first. Way back when, I did a crossover with a comic called "Scandal Sheet" - the only non-Queen of Wands crossover I've done, actually. Then Troy, who draws said comic, put it on hiatus as the real world got in the way. Well, a few months back, it restarted. If you read it until the hiatus, you've got a bit to read. If you've never read it - give it a shot. There was a pornstar in it with an awesome last name.

Also back from hiatus is the ever lovely Amanda Bussell and her comics "Head Trip", which returned last week (so you've a few new strips there, too). And she's not gonna go on hiatus again, 'cuz I'm back in Texas now and I know where she lives.

Don't I, Amanda? Don't I?!

And don't forget to check out Suburban Conspiracy: the Casual Side of Geek, done by my friend Mike (no relation to the Mike in S*P).

Last link before news-stuffs: The Happy Bear's Guide to Better Living (done by another friend of mine): I was astonished, and maybe saddened, that it didn't involve eating a lot of honey and mauling campers, but it's a fun blog anyway. And the Happy Bear will be spared should I ever need to inact my plan.

Other stuff. Okay. Reader Erica has suggested a Dallas reader get-together. Uh. Okay, sure. Cuz I'm awesome at planning those. If someone can think of something - and, say, wants to organize it - cool. Preferrably something that anyone can attend (at least for the start - we could move to someplace with alcohol as the thing wears on and I need to calm down - or get angry, whichever fits really) and that is friendly towards friendly chatter, great. Lemme know.

So, I'm like a week plus behind on all email. I apologize for that. Apartment hunting has been a bit more hellish than I expected. By Wednesday, I plan to make sure all comics/remaining orders are shipped and their purchasers contacted (yes, I am trying to maintain that). Sadly, the move, shipping, etc. has put me behind on Issue 2 (which I'd hoped to send to print by now). Looks like Issue 2 will be for October. Wheee. -R

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