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September 4, 2009
Visit Girls With Slingshots for the 1st Part of Our Crossover

Today's Comic
Anime Fest Fun!

September 4, 2009

Just a reminder I'll be at Anime Fest in Dallas from today through Monday. And I won't be the only guest. I'm s'posed to have a table in the dealer's room so come by and get a sketch.

And here's my current panel schedule:

Friday: 3:00p Webcomic panel - panel 2

Friday: 8:00p Opening ceremonies - Main Events

Saturday: 2:00p Webcomic Panel - Panel 4

Saturday: 9:00p Something Possitive - Panel 1

Sunday: 12:00p Webcomic Panel - Panel 2

Sunday: 4:00p webcomics vs. Manga - Panel 4

Monday: 1:00p webcomic Vs. Manga - Panel 2

Now, I MIGHT not be on the last two (Webcomics vs. Manga). I know shit all about manga and seven events is a HELL of a lot. Come by my table and I'll have a sign up that'll tell you where I am and where I am (and am not) going to be. Hope to see you all there. -R.

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