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August 14, 2017

Today's Comic


August 14, 2017

So, first off, I'll be in Blind Ferret's booth at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana, this weekend (August 17 through 20th). That's booth #2129. Hope to see some of you there.

Also, a friend of mine is starting her own geek-centric business doing bath bombs. She's a great person who I love dearly, and if you're looking for Tardis bath bombs or Vampire Slayer Soap, go give Femme Fandom Fix a look. The exploding Tardis Bath Bombs are pretty cool.

Oh, and in regards to today's strip, Disney XD put the pilot to the new Ducktales on YouTube so you can watch it for free. Granted, I dunno if that works outside the US or not but it's pretty good. And, yeah, I still have most of my Disney comics.

A few folks have noticed the comic is all over the place lately. That's been for my mental health. It's just been easier to kind of do one-off joke strips than focus on storylines. Things are still a bit rough. Stephanie being on the far end of Georgia for her new job and looking for a place for us while I am still in Dallas, alone with three cats and a crested gecko who haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates meeeeeeee probably doesn't help. But thank you all for the concerns. I'm trying to take care of myself, I swear. Thanks for sticking around. I appreciate it. -

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