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August 12, 2008

Today's Comic
Sale Extended and Expanded

August 12, 2008

Morning! Well, first thing's first. We debuted our first comic book ever at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Super Stupor Issue 1. Twenty pages of hero parody featuring the Super Stupor cast in a new story. Only $2.95 plus shipping. Pick one up!

Second, the Moving Sale has been extended two days, through Friday the 15th - that's this Friday. We're pretty much out of Mr. Personality and Persephone shirts (just a couple of the latter left), but there's still h3xx0rz shirts, Four-Sider babydolls and shirts, and Faster babydolls and shirts to be had. We've also added both Innsmouth and Jason's shirt designs to the sale - both selling for $10 plus shipping through Friday, August 15th, ONLY! This is a first-come, first served thing. When a shirt or size runs out, no rainchecks. Sorry. Get 'em while you can.

Come Saturday the 16th, every unsold shirt and poster will be boxed up and shipped off to my new home. The store will be semi-closed from August 16th til, at latest, the 1st of October. No shirt or poster sales will occur in that time, but we WILL still sell issues of the Super Stupor book. Also, emails will be answered as well - except for August 30-September6th. During that time I'll be driving a Uhaul truck with my worldly goods.

On to the less pleasant bit of business. In the past year, the United States Postal Service yanked up prices twice. I never upped the shipping costs the second time, but once the store reopens, the shipping costs will be adjusted to fit that and the rise in cost of stuff I use (like the document mailers I sent comics out in, etc.) It won't be drastic - we're talking about a rise in around fifty cents or so. But I wanted to make sure you all know. -R

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