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August 9, 2017

Today's Comic

Plugging Friends, Getting By

August 1, 2017

Hey, all! First off, I want to plug some of my friends. The lovely couple who used to be my landlords (and are old friends of the basis of Aubrey, my friend Clarine) are Kickstarting a Baby Bag they designed. They're both engineers and decided they wanted to make the sort of bag they'd wished existed when their kid was a baby. It has, amongst other things, a built-in changing pad, visual checklist, privacy walls - oh, and it's not obnoxiously floral patterned like a lot of baby bags are. If you've got tiny pet humans, or know someone infested with them, give their Kickstarter a look. Glenn and Sarinya have always been kind to me and my wife and I think they came up with something awesome. At least one reader without kids has commented they want this as their airline carry-on bag. Also, if the Kickstarter is successful, I'll be drawing the instructions (y'know, to make sure people know NOT TO SHOVE THE BABY IN THE BAG AND WALK AROUND).

Speaking of babies, there's a great webcomic called How Baby that's pretty fun and horrifying all at once. I'm not a parent but I've enjoyed it, which is honestly rare for me with comics centered on parenthood. It's pretty fun and smart. Give it a look.

Okay, I promise the baby stuff is done here. But one last bit of news. Like the last few years, Blind Ferret is letting me haunt their booth at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 17 through 20th. When I know the booth number I'll post it on the site. Come by, get a free sketch, buy somethin', hear a horrible story, watch me tangle beards wih Lar. Hope to see some of you there.

So, I won't pretend things haven't been eratic here the past better part of a year. I'm sorry 1) I've been harder to contact than normal and 2) update frequency dropped. For a few years now, I've been ignoring a lot of depression problems I've had. Like... a lot of 'em. But this year, with aging parents, multiple surprise deaths in the family, impending move stress (yup, leaving Texas for Georgia), and... other stuff I don't wanna get in to, it has been kinda hard. I should point out, one of the few things in my life I totally still love is S*P... but depression has affected it. This isn't an, "I'm quitting," message. Just a heads up on what's afoot.

This also caused me to be really far behind on the Curtain Call Kickstarter. The game should have been to print a few months ago, but multiple health issues, suprprise family emergencies, and then a lot of depression got in the way. The fine folks at Damocles were way more understanding than they had to be. If you backed it and are annoyed it's not printed already, that's all my fault. I'm sorry I caused the delay. The good neds is I turned everything over to them a couple of weeks ago so.... sooooooon.

I do want to thank the folks who've contacted me with concern and worry, even if I didn't reply (I probably didn't reply). It is appreciated. Just... sometimes, when the whole gets too deep you ge too tired to try to climb out, y'know? BUT I have been addressing it for a few months now. Not everything's been successful, but I'm trying. Hopefully things will get back to normal.

Also, if you're thinking about using this as an excuse to share your "You just need to go outside" advice or "Walking in nature is anti-depression medicine, these pills are bullshit" memes, don't. Just don't. I've gotten some of that (as well as a few "HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU'RE DEPRESSED, I THINK YOU'RE CONFUSED" comments and all that tells me is you're a person I don't need to ever interact with.

Anyway, thank you all for sticking around. I do appreciate it. I know it's sometimes not easy to, especially if the comic doesn't update for a few days, but it means a lot to me. Here's to kitties and self-care (usually through dark humor).-

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