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August 6, 2010

Today's Comic
Pass Some Time, Read Some Comics

August 17

Let's start today with a couple of webcomic links. First, lemme do so and involve a little promotion/reminder. "Times Like This" is a webcomic by Thomas Overbeck - who is also one of the people behind Dallas Webcomics Expo, where I'll be this Saturday - and if you're in the area, you should be, too. Other people attending the event will be Rob D., 1/4th of the talent behind "Cyanide & Happiness, Joel Watson of "Hijinks Ensue", the folks of Lunasea Studios and "Little Vampires", my old friend Don Cook and less-old friend Halo of of "Deranged Comics" and "Glitch," respectively, and David McGuire of "Gastrophobia." There's more webcomics that'll be there. I'm just sayin'.

Y'know what? I've got nothin' else to say today. -R.

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