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August 6, 2007

Today's Comic
Back in Boston Finally

August 7, 2007

Fandemonium... where to begin?

How about, "Thank you to everyone how attended the con and said, 'Hi,' as well as all the people who wanted to attend but couldn't?" It was great seeing meeting so many people I'd otherwise never get to meet. Everyone was really cool and I got to do a lot of sketches.

Anyway - a con report.


I got to the con at around 8am and began setting up my table. Around 10am the con opened its doors. I have to say I have never, ever had such a busy Friday at a con - much less a busy Friday morning. Holy shit. Apparently no one who reads my comic in Idaho has a job that requires them to work Friday mornings. I also ran my Lovecraftian Bunnies & Burrows game. Somehow, everyone survived - even in spite of a shotgun blast at close range. Fun seemed to have been had by most if not all. I must especially thank Hawk, who runs Magic Dragon Games, located at 4610 West State Street in Boise. I'd moronically forgotten my dice back in Boston and he gave me two sets for the game. Hawk is, incidentally, a hell of a guy who loves gaming and fandom and is a lot of fun to talk to. Thank you, Hawk.

I also spent the day sitting next to the gents at Sanfu Comics and across from Megan of Cybernetic Unicorn who gave me a cool Choo-Choo Bear pen holder (y'know, people give me nice things and I'm gonna start thinking I'm special or something). Then my con manager, Michael Garcia showed up from his considerably shorter flight. We spent the later evening talking to Borneo as well as watching the MST3K DVDs I'd brought with me.


Saturday was a little slower, but ever con has a "slower" day so it's all good. I don't know how many Munchkin cards I saw. I met a lot more people who'd never read S*P, but are hopefully going to at least give it a try now. There were, I admit, a few gasps of shock at the RWW Bees Shirt - although almost ALL of those gasps were followed by laughs, some of which were tinged with, "I'm so ashamed I'm laughing at this." There was also a webcomics panel featuring Snafu, Reed Hawker of Culture Shock and Kira (whose URL I can't find but she runs a comic about Fandemonium - there's gotta be a link to it in Fandemonium's site somewhere). It was pretty fun.

There was one awkward moment, though. A rep from another con came up to me and put forth the idea of having me attend her con. She admitted immediately she'd not read my comic but liked the Alice prints a lot. We traded business cards and chatted a bit. Then she said the magical words about her con that always make my danger senses tingle...

"We're a family-friendly con."

Yeah - see. "Family Friendly" isn't what I'd describe myself. Now, I don't run around cons and punch toddlers in the head or run up to families and scream, "COCK!" as loud as I can. Hell, for general panels I do my best to keep my language in check - although any S*P panel is going to be a cavalcade of cursing. And I knew this woman hadn't read my strip but it became quite apparent that whoever recommended me to her and her con's guest coordinator either had a sick sense of humor or had never read my comic but knew I had a decently large readership.

It was then I directed her attention to the Bee shirt. Remember how I said almost all the gasps at the Bee shirt were followed by laughs? Yeah, well, there's a reason for that "almost." She was less than amused and decided the shirt promoted child abuse. I then showed her the first S*P strip. She was even less amused. It was at this point I encouraged her to seek alternative guests who would better fit her cons needs. I was a little put off by her lecturing tone and the fact their con hadn't looked into my work before even considering breeching the topic (of course, for all I know it was a Fandemonium guest trying to get her con to invite me and had just approached her at that day), but she was, beyond that, nice and I didn't want to cause problems for her or her convention. And if she acted that way, I could only imagine the shitstorm that would occur if, by some horrible oversight, I did end up invited to that con. Oh well. Sorry, readers in Utah. One day I'll get to visit you.

One day.

Oh, and Saturday night I stopped in for the masquerade dance and enjoyed five minutes of extremely white kids with glowsticks dancing exactly as I'd expect extremely white kids with glowsticks would dance.


We woke up late on Sunday but still got to the con with time to spare. Many more readers stopped by and let me tell you - apparently, in Idaho, Sunday's when all the hot ladies come out of the woodworks. Not that there hadn't been more than a few the days prior, but still - holy crap. Particular thanks to a reader who came out only to say hi and chat before she went to work and to Megan's friend who kept me company during a few brief lulls. At 4pm I had an S*P panel (which was recorded, by the way, and should end up on YouTube eventually). Obscenities ensued as per usual. I went back to my table, drew some more sketches, closed up shop, and attended the closing ceremonies. After that, readers Christa and Kaitlin (Kaylin? Roger? Sorry, miss, I can't remember how to spell your name) took me out for Mongolian barbecue. Then I returned to the con, napped, and woke up at bumblefuck o'clock to have a late meal with con staffers at Denny's.

It's now Tuesday. I'm writing this on the plane and I've been traveling for almost sixteen hours. I'm tired, my knees hurt, and I want to go home. But Fandemonium is a very good con. When I called Rinny Sunday night she commented how I actually sounded calm and rested for once.

I want to thank the Fandemonium staff as a whole, but especially: Jay and Lori, both of whom got me to and from the con at random times and were very fun to chat with; Ogre for helping out when I needed it; ... a gentleman whose name I do not remember, but provided me with, amongst other things, a shirt that says, "NOT DAVAN;" and Borneo, who does a lot more than just run Fandemonium - he's thrown his life into this yearly event. It encompasses him and the con is obviously and extension of himself. He's busting his ass to give people the sort of fun con he'd like to attend and he does a good job.

If you got to attend Fandemonium, I hope you had a good time. If you're in the area and you weren't able to attend, I hope you'll consider it next year - the first weekend of August, 2008. If you're a geek/fan in that area, I also hope you'll consider volunteering your time and helping out with the con. It's growing and they definitely need more volunteers to help out. I think you'll enjoy it.

That's really it. I'll be posting this as son as I get home - you can expect comics later today. I'm not even going to pretend I'll be scanning immediately - I barely slept on the plane with the baby screaming behind me and the guy in front of me constantly trying to force his chair back further and further eve though he's reclined it as far as it goes but still feels this need to rock the seat back and forth for five fucking hours straight. I am consoled by the fact he's very old and will probably die soon - but if the back of his seat hits my knees one more goddamned time, it's gonna be a lot sooner than he expects.

Oh - one more thing. I'm getting a lot more emails about, "Why don't you come to a con in my area?" I've said it before and I'll say it again - try to get the con in your area to invite me and then I will. See how simple that is? However, if you're in Kentucky I might be visiting your state come November (I'm not saying more because I don't know the status of that yet) and I'll be in San Diego next summer for SDCC with Aeire, Chris, and Jennie Breeden... possibly a few others, too ... so.... whee. About fucking time, right? -R

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