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August 3, 2007

Today's Comic
Greetings from Nampa

August 2, 2007

So, it's Friday morning back in Boston... here in Idaho, it's almost 11pm. It's weird to be updating the site so far from home - but I've never had access to a laptop before (thank you, Josh - you are awesome). I was going to bring my scanner and do comics but the scanner was too large for my carry-on and I'll be damned if I'm putting it in my luggage. I've had enough things messed up, I don't need my scanner to join that list.

So... yeah. I'm in Idaho. Everyone I've met from Fandemonium's been very nice. I'm going to have a table in the Artists' Alley area. I don't know exactly where but I was told I'd be in the center of traffic - look for the pink Choo-Choo Bear tablecloth. I have some prints, a lot of original art, and shirts. Oh, motherfucker, have I got shirts. Help me not to take as many home.

As usual, I'm going to do free fast sketches for anyone who asks. I'll also draww a Munchkin card out for you if you like. I do commissions (although I think I've only ever had two people actually want to pay me to draw). And I'll be running a Bunnies & Burrows game later today. The rest of the time I'll be at my Artists' Alley table or wandering around. If you've got the free time after the table closes for the day, maybe I'll gather a group of readers together and we'll just hang out, have a Q/A session, or do unspeakable acts.

Which, of course, are the best acts.

Below's my schedule for the weekend.


Bunnies & Burrows at 1pm - will probably go 2-3 hours. I should be back at my Artist Alley table by 4:30pm at latest. I'm gonna try to sucker Michael (my con manager) to man the table while I'm running the game.


Webcomics panel at 8pm


A panel at 4pm - an S*P panel? A panel on living with a My Little Ponies addict? I duno what it is, but it's my panel. I'll try to be sober.

Hope to see you here... and if not, well... tere are more cons comin' up. And hey - if you're in Houston, Clarine's at AtsuiCon and she'd love you to visit. She runs some great panels. -R

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