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August 1, 2012
Randy will be at GenCon in Indianapolis August 16-19, hanging out in Blind Ferret's booth (#119)

Today's Comic
This Summer Can Go To Hell (But I've Met Some Really Nice People Lately).

August 14, 2012

Soooooo - stuff and stuff. First off, I'll be at GenCon this weekend (August 16-19) in Indianapolis, hanging out at Blind Ferret's booth, #119. There I'll be doing free fast sketches, selling Super Stupor books, original comic art, prints, and Choo-Choo Bear plushes. Y'know, the usual stuff. I've also made a special 4"x6" print that I'll be giving away with purchases off my merch. More on all that in a bit. I wanna pimp friends and nice people.

Spike of "Templar, AZ" did a pretty cool book a while back called Poorcraft. It's how to live well and live frugally. I own a copy and frankly my only regret is I can't travel back in time to give it to myself when I first moved away from home. If you know anyone who's just moving out into the world or just needs some tips on how to shave their budget down without being miserable, give Poorcraft a shot.

Danielle Pineda makes some of my favorite videos on YouTube, up there with 5 Second Films as far as I'm concerned. She's currently got a Kickstarter going to finance a full length feature film called Cocaine Sleepover. This makes me happy. However, She's got less than 20 days to raise the rest of the money. This makes me less happy. If you like 70s horror, watch the promo, watch some of her videos, and if you're so moved, consider supporting.

Also, if you'd like ebooks of Joel Watson's Hijinks Ensue, he's giving them up for a pay what you like offer. Joel's a good guy. When I hurt my arm a couple years back, he was one of the folks who jumped up and made sure there were updates on S*P. Give him a read.

A while back I was at a nice little convention in San Antonio and met some wonderful people. A lot of them I need to give links to (trying to find where I put all the business cards). Amongst all the folks, there was a local wrestling fed there and a lot of their wrestlers dropped by and got sketches, hung out and helped me kill time during a slowdown. One of these fine folks was a friendly lady named Su Yung. She and a bunch of her friends at Shine Wrestling are putting on a show this Friday in Ybor City, Florida, so if you're around there and into wrestling, go take in a show and tell Ms. Yung and her friends hi for me - or you can order it via iPPV.

Okay, back to me stuff - 'cuz I'm a self-centered jerk. So, yeah, GenCon this weekend. I -WAS- going to do a free S*P minicomic of all new material. I actually got decently far with it, too. Unfortunately, cost got in the way. To do it the way I wanted to do it would have run... a bit of money, and I just moved (yes, again, but into a nice house) and had other pressing bills/debts to address . So now I'm stuck with a near-completed mini-comic. Now, I thought about slapping it up as a week of comics but, continuity wise, the storyline occurs next month and might spoil some stuff. Also, it's formatted for a 6"x9" book which is a bit wider than normal S*P strips. Sooooooo I'm debating what to do with it. I might make it a donor thing. We'll see. But one way or another, you guys might have some extra comics to read soon.

And I'd like to think that's a good thing. -R.

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