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July 31, 2007

Today's Comic
Sweatin' the Small Stuff

July 31, 2007

First things first: I'm gonna be at Fandemonium this weekend in Nampa, Idaho and Clarine will be a guest at AtsuiCon in Houston during the same time. Come by and see us if you're in those respective areas - please? Also, lots of stuff up in the RWW Store on pre-sale at $13 or "Get This Out Of My Home" for $10. I will probably be doing another garage sale, this time on Ebay (doing it via email caused a LOT of problems last year) to cushion the learn summer months' finances. It'll be a general grabbag, as well as a few specific pieces up for sale. So... yeah. Sorry for this unpleasantness - gotta get the pimping done now so I can get back to making sure there are comics while I'm at the con.

Anyway, a few things: first, yesterday's comic was, indeed, part of a charity auction. A gentleman named Tim won Ross's auction for a cameo, but as Ross doesn't have anything currently online and active I offered S*P. While I've not heard back from Tim, I hope he enjoyed the cameo. If not... well... uh. Sorry? For what little it's worth I don't normally give strangers cameos in my comic unless the intent is ridicule.

Speaking of ridicule, the Questionable Content readers are pretty cool. I only received two upset emails (I bet Jeph got more - he once received an angry email for LINKING to my comic) yesterday. The first one, from KB, goes:

"Just want to let you know that I did think you guest strip to Questionable Content was pretty much mean. And yeah I read that you bigger friends were ok with it. But just cause they are doesn't mean the rest of the bigger community will be. You hit something that was not mean to be joked about. And I hope there wont be another like it."

It's good to have hope. Hope's like bubblewrap to me - I can't stop popping it. The second letter came from Chris Mullen:

"i was going to write some stupid message calling u an asshole for ur qc guest strip, but ive decided simply that letting u know what u did was fuckin horrible and in very bad taste. i dont plan to ever read ur comic now simply bsed off of this, although im sure u have a fanbase already and dont care."

Wow. "I don't like that comic so to get you back I'm going to continue not to read your comic." And, I have to say, it's a sad day when I can point to your spelling and say, "What's wrong with you?"

Very sad.

Thaks to everyone who liked the strip, though - oh, and here's a few more things you guys might like!

Horror's Hallowed Grounds takes the great horror films and travels to where they were filmed, showing you what those places look like now. Kinda cool I think.

Neil Gaiman has a YouTube account with a few videos featuring his daughter Maddy. Maddy TV cracks me up and I was very glad to see no one has cooked and consumed any of the Gaiman children.

Val's Art Diary chronicles a young artist was she churns out paintings - it's like Bob Ross but more enjoyable - y'know, less happy trees but more pretty girl rambling. Her paintings are fun and, even better, she sells the pieces off, too, so if there's one you like you can buy it. Val also has a YouTube account.

That's it for today. Sorry, I'm kinda boring right now. -R

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