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July 19, 2007

Today's Comic
Boston Reader Gathering

July 19, 2007

First off, two RWW Store things: there's now an S*P original print available in the store called "Graveside Gaming" featuring PeeJee and Davan (and Scotty to an extent). Also, thanks to reader Richard McMahon who helped me fix the RWW store so that you can now order multiple prints and only have to pay for the shipping of one print - and yes, it's avilable for international orders, too.

There's not been a Boston area S*P gathering in over a year. It's time to fix that and soon. So, I'm taking suggestions for a location. I want to do this very soon. T accessible is a plus. I'm personally not opposed to a big-ass picnic in the Boston Commons some Saturday but it's up to you guys. I do want it to be somewhere that people under 21 can attend - although, if there's interest, we'll do an above-21 gathering somewhere else another time.

So, let me know, local peoples. And everyone buy stuff. Daddy's got rent to pay.

Oh, and tomorrow expect some free wallpaper. -R

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