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July 11, 2012
I'll be at Tokyo in Tulsa July 20-22. Hope to see you there.

Today's Comic
Self-Prostitution, ComfyCon, and My Friends.

July 19, 2012

Woo! Another news post! First off, self-promotion because I am, after all, a prostitute.

Just a reminder: if you're in northern Oklahoma, I will be at Tokyo in Tulsa this weekend (July 20-22). Drop by, say hi, and get a free sketch or maybe a less-free Choo-Choo Bear plush ! Also, next month, I'll be at Blind Ferret's booth at GenCon in Indianapolis (August 16-19).

Speaking of the people who are kind enough to host S*P for free, Blind Ferret's working with Sony Entertainment Online to get the word out about Planetside 2 Beta, a massive multiplayer first-person shooter that allows combat by land or air, in open fields or tight cities, and with thousands of troops. It's all the fun parts of war without uh... well, the actual war part. If this interests you, you can sign up for the beta here .

Okay, now, on to other stuff. First off, thank you to everyone who participated in ComfyCon - either as a guest or an attendee. I can't speak for the other cartoonists involved, but it went way better than I expected. I've been sort of slammed with art store orders but once those and Tokyo in Tulsa are done, I hope to have all the videos of panels up on the site. I'm also pretty sure I can say this wasn't the last ComfyCon.

And before I head off to Oklahoma, a heads up on what's going on with other awesome cartoonists. Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has a Kickstarter for his Chooseable Path Gamebook, "Trial of the Clone." The Kickstarter's got five days left and has long reached it's goal, but it's never too late to throw money at a cool project. Also, Zach has been a longtime supporter of S*P - both by buying ads, providing guest strips (especially when I hurt my arm) and just being a generally awesome guy.

Cartoonist Box Brown has a Kickstarter, too: SP7: Alt. Comics Tribute to GARO Manga. I will not pretend I know crap about GARO Manga. But Box is a good guy who does solid work. Look his project over if ya can.

And finally: a friend of mine has a comic she and her partners started a while back called, "Polyfi Comic" and I, like a crappy friend, am just now thinking to link to it. It's a fun read and I think a lot of you will enjoy it - especially if you're someone with interest in polyamoury, soft and beautiful colors, and cat ears. -R.

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