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July 6, 2006

Today's Comic
Ramble, ramble, ramble.

July 17, 2006

So... yeah.

First off, let me say the Garage Sale will be restarting tonight about 8:30pm ET. I'll be adding new stuff hopefully throughout the week. There were a couple of issues I needed to resolve before I restarted it - I wanted to make sure everyone who'd purchased theirs in Round One had received them, was about to receive them, or had any issues resolved.

Because I get freaked out REALLY easily about that shit.

Second, I've got two cons coming up. First is Anime Fest in Dallas from September 1st through 4th. They were great last year and I'm sure it'll be wonderful this year, too. I'm also going to be at PenguinCon 5.0 April 20 through 22nd, 2007 in Troy, Michigan. John Kovalic of Munchkin and Dork Tower fame will ALSO be there. Oh, the concentrated geekery!

In other news, S*P was apparently nominated for a Webcomics Choice Award. I know this because I received two emails today says that S*P had won "Best Dramatic Comic." ... Go team?

So - yeah. Stuff. A lot's been going on for the past... year and a half. In the past year or so my update schedule faltered considerably from the "can I update every day" thing. Part of this was simple: after I got my year salary, I was a lot more frantic about feeling like something had to be up every day. There were a lot of strips in that year I did not like although no one seemed to mind (you're always your own harshest critic). Part of me felt, after that year was up, I should be more careful and make sure I was happy with the strips that went up.

And, frankly, there's the fact real life DOES get in the way. The last year or so has been a weird, weird time for me on every level. A few people have been ushered out of my life and a handful materialized just as fast. There were family things that needed to be tended to and, frankly, one of those crisis of self-faith. It's weird to wake up one morning and realize, "Dear God. I draw comics. I mean, that's what I do! Should I be doing this? How long can I get away with this?" At the time there were a lot of unpleasanties - which is why New Gold Dreams amd Midnight Macabre went on hiatus (although I will say, I slipped about four new MM comics into the middle of its archive - go look for 'em). MM became very hard to update because, frankly, it had been a gift for someone who'd been very dear to me - someone I later felt utterly betrayed me on every possible level. The problem became, "How do I divorce this comic from said person?" The only thing I could think of was time, so that's what I took.

And time passes.

Things are evening out finally in my life. I'm a lot more cautious than I used to be - and considerably more guarded (I don't particularly think that's a good thing, though). But I'm surrounded by friendly faces these days. I'm trying to push away the old habits of total avoidance of society. I'm doing theatre again (i.e. I'm getting out of the house and HAVING to be social). I'm also taking some personal risks that a year ago I probably couldn't have done - but nothing and no one worth having is without a risk.

I've managed to update S*P with eight comics in four days. And the best part, to me, was each update came easy - something that hadn't happened to me in a while. And another nice thing? I've been doing pencils of Gaspar and his friends - and that's coming easily, too. I've not gotten to a certain coffin maker yet - but one step at a time.

S*P is, and always will be, my priority in regards to work. The other two, while important, are not the MOST important. So... here's hoping.

I really don't know why I felt the need to post this. I've had a long standing rule about not putting anything too personal on the site - and to some of you, none of this is news. I guess I just felt like I had to. So if you'll excuse me, I've got to do some scans so I can reopen the Garage Sale - do a guest comic - and then do some comics in the past and the present.

See you all tomorrow. And buy some art, you fucks. Daddy has a habit that needs supporting. -R

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