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June 27, 2005
Today's Comic

A Few Answers

June 27, 2005

These are the most common questions people who call me ask, so I thought I'd go ahead and answer 'em for all.

  1. Is Monette's girlfriend, Lisa, also Gaspar's daughter in Midnight Macabre? Yes, she is.
  2. Is Gaspar going to appear in Something Positive? If he does make an appearance, it won't be for a few years. Big if.
  3. Are you going to do a fund drive again? Last I mentioned it, I got about $7000 plus dollars from readers. I feel weird about asking for money. See, the drive from a year ago was a dare. On the flip side, I don't turn down money.
  4. Why are you doing three comics? Because I was too happy with the free time I had.
  5. Did you know you have the voice of a kid? I do now.
  6. I was expecting you to be all mean to me. Why aren't you chewing me out? Oh, I see. Seven days of rage isn't enough. Now you want me to give it to you on the phone, too? I'm not your dancin' monkey.
  7. Why does the caged bird sing? Because I have incriminating photos. -R

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