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June 25, 2009

Today's Comic
Spee-Lunkers and Storylines And Music

June 25, 2009

First thing's first. I have a friend named Morwynne whom I adore. For a few years now, she's been the inspiration for Nancy. She's in a band now, and oh look you can hear three of their songs here.

Second, if you're wondering what the hell a Spee-Lunker is, you can learn about them and the dark ride they lived in via this link. I loved that ride as a kid and was very sad when, during my high school years, they ripped it out for a shitty Yosamite Sam ride.

On a different note, I've received a few emails recently (mostly quite polite) confused and concerned that the comic is mostly humor nowadays and I've avoided any "serious" storylines. I've also received a few emails confused why the characters are so mean to each other. I'm assuming the latter are new readers who've stumbled in and merely need to go back to the start and see how much meaner the cast has been. As for the prior, I've been doing predominately humor comics because I wanted humor. It's really that simple. Will there be serious storylines? Yes. Will there be larger storylines? Yes - in fact, one's coming up. But simply put, I've been doing the comic I needed to do for myself, and thankfully most of you seem to like that.

Just remember that if you're ever unhappy that I'm doing too much comedy, the second I do serious stuff I'll get complaints about that. Hell, there are people who complain when Fred or Choo-Choo Bear surface in the comic. So just ride it out. But again, thankfully most people seem happy whichever way it goes. I've been getting a lot of very nice emails lately, actually. Kinda makes me wonder if I'm going to die.

Oh, and to all the emails I got in the last ten minutes - no, I'm not going to do a strip about Michael Jackson. I've a feeling we'll be hearing enough about him in the immediate future. -R.

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