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June 11, 2007

Today's Comic
Catgirls A-Go-Go

June 11, 2007

So, I don't normally like to promote friends because, well, the gut reaction of everyone reading is, "You're sayin' that cuz it's your friend. Like you wouldn't support a friend." Well, yeah - actually, if a friend did something I thought wasn't great I'd FIND a way to not give it a mention... I'd weasel my way out of it somehow.

That being said, James Grant (of Two Lumps fame) has a new book out that shocked me in how great it was. On the Banks of the Lethe is a suspense story with great pacing and, as far as I'm concerned, has a build in the first half that reminded me a great deal of Robert Bloch books like Lori. It dwarfs his first book in every way and shows James is a hell of a writer. If you like suspense, give it a shot.

Oh - and Rinny has been taking over the RWW store - some things didn't get out this past weekend because she was away for her job and I was sick like a dog (much better now - nothing violently projecting from either direction). She has informed me this WILL be fixed by me this afternoon... and I do as I'm told.

Also, I'm putting the final touches on a donor gift for June that'll be up by Wednesday (hopefully). I'm not putting it up until it's 100% drawn, scanned, colored, texted, EVERYTHING. It'll include wallpapers, too. But, unlike the past, I won't be making it retroactive. Sorry, all. That's what's killed every past donor gift - many, many people emailing saying, "Hey, whoa - I've donated and I didn't get anything." Then comes hours and hours of verifying, fixing, and on and on. This'll be for June people only - and if it FINALLY gets going, I'll do something for July as well.

The reason why is simple: summer's a LEAN time for me - not as many ads sold, not as much merchandise bought - readership dips a little. All that and a little financial "surprise" kinda require it. But, as usual, if you can't donate don't worry. S*P won't be going down or anything - I promise.

So, A-Kon was over a week ago. It was a lot of fun. I want to thank Steven Heinrich for getting me in, the kind folks at Snafu Comics for the Heartless shirt, Jill and Kas for the company, all the webcartoonists I hung out with, and the reader pictured below for the awesome puppet which now sits on my desk.

So, Saturday morning, I got a little bored. On Friday, we'd all been discussing those fucking Lolcats - specifically the "I R SERIOUS CAT" one. But this morning, in my boredom, I drew this for James.

We laughed and I forgot it. James, however, decided to make a con meme and go to all the webcartoonists around to get them to draw their own version of Serious Catgirl. Oh, and they did, starting with Josh "Girly" Lesnick.

Next came Jin Wicked and her more honest interpretation on what a lot of the catgirls at cons look like (well, the ones above the age 14, anyway).

Know, and fear.

But we're far from done. Next we have an interpretation by none other than Dominic Deegan's Mookie.

The next serious catgirl comes to you frome the talented Hollie Linn... a slightly more brutal take.

And of course, James had to have Jennie "The Devil's Panties" Breeden join in on the fun... when, y'know, she didn't have deadbeats just thumbing through her books and not buying shit (seriously, way to be an asshole, kid, wherever you are).

Then, finally, James Grant drew one a little more... explicit, but accurate by one of the catgirls we saw.

A gentleman named Jon did our next addition. As soon as I have his URL, I'll post it - promise.

Next up, Schlock Mercenary's overachiever, Howard Tayler.

And, finally, on Sunday, the ever talented Xero Reynolds added his catgirl to the litter.

I feel like I should apologize to everyone for this mess. Too bad I won't. -R

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