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June 9, 2009

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June 10, 2009

First things first: friend pimping! Our own Clarine Harp (basis of Aubrey) was recently interviewed by Anime News Network about DVD production over at Funimation. Clarine's not just a voice actress for them. She's one of the people over the production of the DVDs you get.

Rikki Simons (voice of GIR from "Invader Zim" and colorist of Jhonen Vasquez's "I Feel Sick" comics) and Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons (of "Shutterbox," which was until the last year or so published by TokyoPop) have a new webcomic titled, "@ Tavicat". It's eleven strips in and I love it. I think you'll enjoy it, too. Their server seems a little bogged today so be patient. It's worth the load time.

Also, our own Choo-Choo Bear has a cameo in the webcomics crossover, "The Crossoverlord." Give it a look. You may find some new superhero comics to add to your reading list.

It's been a few months since I last posted a blog so - tada. I apologize for not doing many lately. Honestly, I've not felt too "talkative" and had little to say. 2009 hasn't been a pleasant year. I'm not going to get into any of it. It's all personal life stuff and I doubt many people will care unless it interrupts comics. But if I've not replied to an email in a timely fashion or, if I do, I have been monosyllabic, I apologize. I've been somewhere else mentally for the last eight or so months.

So, five years ago next Friday (June 18th), I quit my day job doing data entry and went into doing S*P fulltime. It's a very surreal thing to realize that it's been five years since I had a name badge, access card, time sheet... health insurance (okay, well, I did have that my last year in Boston but it all came out of my pocket in a more extreme way and because the law required it). Thank you all for allowing me to do this and, hopefully, continuing to allow me to do so.

I'll be doing some "five years of self-employment" specials hopefully by then end of the week ('cuz Uncle Randy's got a few bills that apparently need paying soon). They'll be limited edition print and poster packages, more than reasonably priced, and paired with original art grabbags. I'd like to put them out sooner but I've orders I need to ship first - including finishing commissions - before I start that stuff.

I also have a new shirt design on pre-order sale. And if you enjoyed "Quoth the Choo-Choo" strip from April 19th, it's now available as a full color poster. C'mon, how can you not want Choo-Choo "Nevermurring" at you?

... okay, that's about it. I'll try for another post tomorrow. Thank you again, everyone - and once more, sorry for being so out of it lately. -R

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