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May 23, 2005
Today's Comic
It came from Late Night....

May 22, 2005

First, don't forget that, next weekend, I'll be at A-Kon in Dallas with Josh L. of "Girly" and Mel Hynes and J. Grant of "Two Lumps". I'm slated to be in some panels and I'll have S*P merchandise at my table. If you bring a blank Munchkin card, I'll draw something on it for free, too. I also do free quick ass (under a minute) sketches.

Anyway... so I launched the other S*P spin off this morning just after midnight. It's called Midnight Macabre. It'll update five days a week. I launched it two weeks early because of reader kindness in regards to donations ($6,000 in donations in a week... I think I'm going to have to bring back the counter from last year now). New Gold Dreams will relaunch June 6th still and run three days a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday).

So... uh... I hope you guys enjoy the new comic. It's fun working on (and there's more than a few strips already in the can, so that's one less concern). And thanks for the donations - I appreciate it a LOT. I'm going to have to figure out what else to do if they keep coming in. I've some ideas. You guys are great. -R

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