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April 3, 2008

Today's Comic
Super Stupor

April 7, 2008

First off, a bit of good news.

Since 2002, people have been asking about an S*P book and I've been trying to slug through a Year One collection for a while now. The problem was that MOST of the year one master (300dpi) files were gone so I was having to push a lot of 72dpi GID files up to 300 dpi (which lowers quality) and also force them to work in a book format. Well, this weekend, I was re-examining old CDs on my laptop - these same CDs that I looked at on my desktop, which told me they were blank - and now I have almost ALL of the first year master files. I spent the rest of my weekend working on page layouts. The book's not ready yet, but it's finally coming along at a reasonable rate. Next to find a publisher, or a printer if I self publish (Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary has been very kind and offered a lot of help and advice in this). The only "down" side is we're looking at a book that'll probably be between 180 and 200 pages, full color. Eep.

But at least it'll finally be here.

Sooooooo.... yeah. Next order of business.

So, one of the things that's been most requested - and I mean, since I started S*P in December of 2001 - is more Super Stupor strips. I did them over this past break and I have to admit, they were a HELL of a lot of fun for me (which made me feel like I had some sort of restful break before S*P restarted) and apparently for readers, too. It's really insane. So, there's a new Super Stupor today. Actually, there's more than that - I've spent a while doing them quietly when I couldn't work on anything else (cartoonists get block, too). Notice the update schedule's disclaimer? Yeah, about that.

There's always a catch, right?

I have two major money investments coming up - one sooner than the other. Taxes and a move - and I mean a move from Massachusetts. I don't wanna get into it too much but it won't be me moving nearby, either. There are a couple of options, though, one looks exceptionally likely - and costly.

This year's been pretty tight monetarily, but no so bad I couldn't make bills. But as I owe taxes AND have that move coming up, I've decided I need to raise some money. So here's what's going on.

First off, the Super Stupor strips. For every $100 I get in reader donations, I'll post another. They're ready to go and want to be seen. This is something everyone benefits from.

Secondly, everyone who donates at least $1 gets special stuff - and yeah, it has to be a dollar, USD, minimum. Anything less than that vanishes in PayPal fees, anyway. Call me whatever names you want, I don't care, but donating fifty cents via PayPal only helps PayPal. I'm not trying to knock people low on funds (college kids, cartoonists, teachers). I understand. Anyway, like I said, people who donate will get other little perks. I'm not gonna say what. It's a fuckin' surprise. I will say everyone who donates at least a dollar will get something as a thank you. People who donate more might find extra things offered to them - so it might be a good idea to include a valid mailing address for any donation $10 or more. I'm just saying.

I'm doing this because money's tighter than usual and I don't want to just ask for money. I want people to feel they're getting something else in return. I've been urged since 2005, by readers and friends, to do another donation drive but that feels weird to me. So, I want to offer you all this.

If you don't have PayPal, or simply don't trust it, but wanna snail mail a donation, there's an address right above the PayPal button - they're both in the yellow column to your left of the blog when you go to the front page. Send it there, or complaints, or whatever - but please, please, PLEASE do not mail cash if you can avoid it. Sometimes cash vanishes in the Postal Darkness. Also, if you ever snail mail me anything, please include an email address.

Thanks, guys. I'll be sending out email replies to all donations tonight. -R

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