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April 2, 2007

Today's Comic
Not Enough Goddamn Time in the Day

April 4, 2007

First: don't forget I'll be speaking at PVUUC in Garland, Texas, this Sunday morning at 11am.

So, next, RWW stuff: I'm going to be updating the policies of the store tonight to include a general turn-around time for all purchases, return policies, AND information on returned merchandise. The latter is the one that's REALLY been a problem lately. nearly thrity percent of everything I've sent out in the past few months has been returned because of incorrect addresses. A few of these packages have been returned to me after the customer opened a paypal dispute over merchandise ever received and I refunded the money. If you're ordering, please make sure your address is correct. I'm also looking at no long shipping priorty but just standard rates with tracking numbers. We'll see.

I also hope to have the next Limited Edition Print (or two) up by Friday. I'm still feeling the financial hit from the MegaCon Mis-Investment (seriously, United Airlines can suck my cock - fuck them to hell) so here's hoping. I've decided I AM going to do a limited edition S*P print, something I've not done in a LONG time. I'm leaning towards the Home on the Ranged Attack storyline for inspiration. -R

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