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March 24, 2005
Today's Comic
Clarification on a Bitchy Comment

March 24, 2005

An upset - well, maybe upset is a strong word, but they weren't pleased - reader emailed me, complaining that my post yesterday including a quote from a person was misleading because it insinuated the message was emailed to me personally. I find that odd, because normally I say, "this was emailed to me." Of course, I could have said, "This was a comment posted about my comic in response to the 'Mike's Favorite Author' storyline on Orson Scott Card's official forum as the entire storyline was, indeed, a reference to the author and how many of his fans have felt after a few essays he wrote on homosexuality in relation to doctorines in the Church of Latter Day Saints and gay marriage, respectively," but I was also trying to post something I thought was funny without giving people with itchy flame fingers something to search out and attack. I sincerely hope the person who did email me about how I "misled" you all will sleep much easier tonight.

That's it. Sorry. I really don't have anything more interesting to say today. -R

Advertising Stuff

March 24, 2005

So, I've got a new email address for handling ads only: Please send ad requests there . and ad requests only. I used to have a separate email address for advertising back on Speakeasy . not setting up a second one sooner was a large mistake. God knows how many requests I lost in the usual flood of, "YOU SUCK FOR SAYING ENTERPISE SUCKS!"

And speaking of ads, the advertising rates will be going up as of Monday, May 2, 2005. By how much, I can't say just yet. However, I will tell you that if you reserve and pay for space prior to that, you'll get the current prices ($10 a day for the top banner ad, $15 a day for the side banner ad). First come, first served. Custom designed ads still cost extra, price to be agreed upon.

Some happy stats: serves an average of 260,000 pages a day and has just shy of 150,000 readers. Mondays and Thursdays are our biggest days (upwards of 500,000-600,000 page views), whereas Wednesdays are our .slowest. days (around 160,000 page views).

And now, advertising hilarity. I contacted a few companies about the possibility of outsourcing my advertising to them since it takes up a lot of time. Yeah . that's probably not going to be happening now. The companies who didn't flat out ignore or hang up on me usually reacted with a, "Webcomic? How cute! But we usually work with sites who have an audience larger than five people."

My favorite, of course, was the company who, when I informed them I was looking to hire them out to run my ads, replied with a form letter saying what they needed so I could start my exciting ad campaign. I promptly reminded them I wasn't trying to advertise but instead have them help me out for a fee. I received a prompt reply of how excited the were to work for my comic . only it wasn't my comic they mentioned in the email. In fact, the email was obviously to someone else. The sales person replied with, "Yea I apologize... that email WAS meant toward you. I just copy pasted something I sent to another client and forgot to change the name."

... Okay. Quick lesson in sales. Who can point out what the sales man did that probably wasn't very wise? -R

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