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March 19, 2006
Today's Comic
Gah. Just Gah.

April 6, 2006

So yeah. I'm doing a buncha double comics to catch up. Wheee. The entire arch I'm doing now will be that. We'll see how it goes.

Also, I'm slowly emailing everyone who's donated in the last year or so (maybe more) with a donation gift. I'll expand throughout said gift throughout April. Granted, I'm also counting on these people to tell me what they'd like to see (hint, hint). Right now, I've got everyone who's donated to me through this past January. If you haven't received an email, forward a copy of your PayPal slip to me.

And, yes, if you donate now you get the gift, too. I'm hoping to change the gift in May - but then it'll only go to people who donate in May (I'm making April's gift retroactive because I feel like the people who've donated for the hell of it deserve a little something extra).

And what is the gift? Well, I'll be updating it this afternoon - but here are two thumbnails of some wallpapers that are currently part of it.
So... yeah. WHEEEEE! -R

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