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March 2, 2005
Today's Comic
Keener than Keen

March 2, 2005

A lot of people give KeenSpace shit for being a free host to webcomics, saying it hosts only garbage. Now, I believe that's not even remotely accurate. Yes, there's some really bad ones - but there has to be a lot of good ones, right?


So I've been spending a few weeks now going through KeenSpace's listings, one by one, and finding comics that catch my eye. Tomorrow, I'll start posting them. It'll take a while and I'm still not done looking through all their comics - but I'm going to do this, even if it kills me.

And it probably will, when I develop a tumor from being exposed to too much bad manga/Final Fantasy/goth/furry/catgirl nonsense. I bet it'll even get little anime sweatdrops and scream, "KAWAII!"

Pray for me. -R

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