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February 16, 2007

Today's Comic
Upcoming Cons and Ad Pricing Changes

February 20, 2007

First off, con stuff: Clarine Harp, our own Aubrey, will be at New York Comic Con this weekend (February 25th) at the Funimation Booth (Booth #745) from 2pm to 4pm. I will be at No Such Convention at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, NY from March 2nd to 4th. Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content will also be a guest there. I'll also be at Penguicon 5.0 April 20-22 in Troy, MI. More cons coming up this summer - quite a few, in fact!

Second, the Rhymes With Witch site is up now. Also, all shirts and babydolls are now available for order internationally - and Werewolves for Jesus now comes in a 3XL shirt AND as a bumper sticker.

Third - April's coming, and that means the ad rates will increase. If you want to advertise on S*P on S*P at the old rates, this is your last chance. You can reserve spots in March or the entirety of April. The new rates will be $50 for the top bar and $75 for the sidebar. -R

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