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February 3, 2005
Today's Comic
So long to bad rubbish.

February 3, 2005

According to the SciFi Network, "Enterprise" has indeed been canceled. I'm sure my girlish squeals were heard for miles when I learned this. I, like many others, used to like Star Trek long ago - and tried, very hard, to watch the series after Next Generation. I lost interest pretty early on, though. I saw one episode of Voyager (one too damn many) but, since I liked Bakula in Quantum Leap, I gave Enterprise a couple extra chances to woo me.

They bypassed the idea of Star Trek: Excelsior for that?

But like a moron, every time someone mentions "new Star Trek," a little bit of hope bubbles up in me. But what I don't get are the people who complained about how much they hated Voyager and Enterprise, but watched every damn episode - or the people who defend Enterprise by saying, "Yes, the first three seasons were awful, but the fourth season was great so they should give it another chance." Why on earth would you tolerate three seasons of utter fecal matter? Why even one? And, frankly, if it took four seasons for the show to be watchable, it probably should have been dumped right at the start.

Doesn't matter now, I guess. I'm sure Berman is busy deciding which alien race to make a sex symbol next. Frankly, he should just put a tribble in a bikini. It'll tap the furry audience and give Rush Limbaugh something new to bitch about so he can feel relevant still. -R

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