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January 11, 2005
Today's Comic
A lotta things

January 11, 2005

A lot of people are pitching in on the tsunami relief. Funagain Games will be donating all the profits from sale on their site as well as their Ashland, Oregon retail location to the Americares South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund. Not too shabby.

The gloomiest game company around, White Wolf has a new card game coming out titled, Pimp: the Backhanding. A few weeks ago, this generated some VERY unhappy responses in their forum (which, I'm ashamed to admit, made me happy because I'm glad to see someone else get bitched out for once) who felt it was degrading to women and promoted violence. Then they all went into their basements and pretended to be -534 Generation Assamite vampires and pretended the bottle of ketchup they were sucking on was the neck of every girl who blew them off in high school. Later, there was masturbating and crying in the dark.

If you live in or near Buffalo, New York, I'll be in your area come April 16th and 17th for UBCon. I'll probably be running some games. I'll provide more details as I get them.

The people behind Dexcon in East Brunswick, New Jersey, will be running Dreamation January 27th through 30th. While I'm not gonna be there, they're offering a special deal for S*P readers. Pre-register through their site and give them the code SP-DREAM and you'll get $10 off the full weekend price. So, the whole cone will cost you $30 and not $40. They run a pretty enjoyable con from what I experienced at Dexcon, so if you're in the area, give it a go. -R

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