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January 5, 2007

Today's Comic
Everything Old is New Again

January 5, 2007

Today, there will be no pimping of me (mainly cuz I'm not done with what I need to pimp) - BUT I will pimp out some things I like (two roleplaying games and an older comic character getting his... fifth or sixth chance) and a special wish.

A lot of people emailed me, years ago, about Aubrey's Bunnies and Burrows game. Clarine DOES have the GURPS Edition and considers it a prized possession. The GURPS book has been to find for many - not as hard as finding the original seventies sourcebook, but almost - and just as expensive. However, now anymore! e23 now has the last version of GURPS Bunnies and Burrows available for purchase! Now, to play it you're going to have to convert to the current GURPS or use an older editions rules - oh no! I believe B&B was 2nd Edition GURPS. If I'm wrong, and it's 3rd, well e23 offers 3rd Edition to 4th Edition conversion rules for free, because Steve Jackson's just nice like that.

Toon is one of my favorite roleplaying games. It was the first system I ever ran back in high school and I was able to get people to play it who would normally avoid roleplaying games. Well, that's also at e23, as is Tooniversal Tour Guide (the best Toon expansion, in my opnion) and the new Toon Munchkin. It makes sense to combing the Munchkin games with Toon - Munchkin's always felt like the heir to Toon anyway. If you've played Munchkin but not Toon, give this a try (but you WILL need the core Toon book and the Tourguide for Toon Munchkin).

Finally, comics. I like old comics as most of you know by now. In the past year I've developed a particular fondness for the old Charlton comics (it makes sense - they made a lot of the characters I like from DC, like Nightshade and the Question - and while they didn't create Blue Beetle, they reshaped the Blue Beetle mythos to what it is and created Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle). This past summer I discovered a character named E-Man from Charlton - he was one of the few properties DC didn't buy in the early 80s as he was actually owned by the writer and artist who created him (a rarity for comics created in the 70s). E-Man had a ten issue run in 1975, a twenty-five issue run from First Comics starting in 1983, and random mini-series and one shorts for the next fifteen years. Well, Digital Webbing did a new one-shot comic with E-Man this past October with his original artist and writer. If you're old enough to remember (and like) the character, you'll be happy with this issue. If you're too young to remember him - well, E-Man's a fun character and I still recommend it (I also recommend finding the First Comics issues in back issues as that's when the character really began to take a humor turn).

And, one last thing - happy birthday, Clarine. I hope your birthday at a con is everything you hope it could be. *snrk* -R

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