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January 3, 2007

Today's Comic
The Fun Ahead!

January 3, 2007

Okay, first - RWW stuff. The RWW site is going through a move still and I'm having some issues with it - so until then, it can still be found here. Hopefully I'll have it moved over in the next day or so. The domain is already moved - just not the site.

Also, around 7pm ET tonight there will be new merchandise up for pre-sale - at least one new shirt. The Valentine's postcards will hopefully be available for pre-order as well. Basically, anything on pre-order will be on sale - as well as the Ho3 shirts I have left. So remember - tonight at 7pm ET, go check it out. I'm also trying out a new shirt printer - so, here's hoping.

I'm probably going to be doing something special for all January donors. I've gotta figure it out tonight (remember that post I made about new debts arising? Yeah - I'm trying to get rid of that).

Okay. Cons. First off, I am no longer handling my con stuff - Michael D. Garcia has KINDLY stepped up to take it over. Apparently there are a few cons I've missed invitations too because, well, it was all coming to one email address. Michael can be contacted at So far, the cons I KNOW I'll be attending in 2007 are as follows:
  • MegaCon, February 16-18 in Orlando, Florida (I will be a vendor at this con - not a guest - so don't look for me on any panels. I will try to find something nice to do for readers while I'm there - I'm open to suggestions)
  • PenguiCon, April 20-22 in Troy, Michigan
  • Polycon XXV, June 29-July 1 at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.

  • Cons that I've been contacted for but still don't know if I'll be attending are (yay for maybes):
  • No Such Convention, March 2-4, at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY
  • InConJunction 27, July 6-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Fandemonium, August 3-5, in Nampa, Idaho

  • So - wheee! Same stuff for cons applies, though - if you know of a con you'd like me to be at, contact them and see what it would take to get me invited. There are a few other cons I'm looking at going as a merchant - when and if that happens, I assure you, I'll post it here.

    Oh! And I almost forgot - Ohayocon 7 in Columbus, Ohio, will have our own Clarine Harp (the basis of Aubrey) as a guest! If you're near Columbus THIS WEEKEND, go by and say hi! -R

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