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Dexcon and Emo Catgirls

June 23, 2005

The emo catgirl art; someone made a comment (I guess it was s'posed to be snide) to me yesterday about how the Catgirl poster sells well because it appeals to the "emo" crowd. This confused me as it didn't seem emo (there's no mentioning of being dumped in the poster and she's not wearing Lisa Loeb glasses). So I drew that fast art. I can't take credit for the idea of what she's saying. My ex-girlfriend has a friend Elize (a damn good artist) who used to announce this loudly, mimmicking a slicing motion across her wrists. Since then, Ella (my girlfriend) and I scream "FOR YOU" at each other a lot... that, or "PIZZA'S NOT FOR BREAKFAST!" So, thanks, Elize. I'll be sure to steal from you in the future.

So, Dexcon 8 is going on July 13th through 17th at the East Brunswick Hilton in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

I cannot fucking escape New Jersey.

I'll be there, as will Bill "Kevin and Kell" Holbrook (he also does two other comics and is both the hardest working and nicest person in webcomics - EASILY!). I'll be running two games - an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game and an S*P themed D&D game (think New Gold Dream, only more violent and occurring on time). Also, if you pre-register for the entire event via the Dexcon site, give 'em the code SP-DEX8 and get $10 off the price of admission - $35 for five days of gaming.

C'mon. You know you wanna.

Oh yeah. And my phone number is changing next week, so I've posted it somewhere on this site. Find it and call - maybe I'll answer. I think it's posted somewhere fairly obvious, but from some of the emails I get ("How come you don't have a store?" "Why don't you maintain an archive page?") I've learned a lot of people don't pay attention... hell, it's been posted there for about four or five hours and no one's seemed to care. -R

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