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Garage Sale 2006

I'm moving again - and I need 1) space 2) money. So, in an effort to get both, I'm selling off S*P original art. So here's what ya do.

You look through these pages and see if there's something you like. Then email me and tell me which piece(s) you want. Once I reply to you, I'll give you directions on how to submit payment, how much you need to pay including shipping. Do NOT submit payment through PayPal until I've replied to you, assuring you I still have the art.

Once I receive your payment, the art will be mailed out. Please note it's first come, first serve. Once a piece of art is spoken for I will remove the comic from the site - but because I'm not seated at the computer 24-7, there may be lag time on this.

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#85 - Faye's Funeral (Set of Five Drawings)

USD$150 (Shipping Included)




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