ComfyCon: Because We Don't Like You Enough to Put Pants On
November 21-23, 2014 - an all-online webcomics mini-convention.
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Devil's Panties The Devil's Panties

Jennie Breeden has two stores, her main store and a digital book store!
Eat Your Lipstick Eat Your Lipstick

Monica Gallagher offers prints, books, and more stuff involving her awesome comics in her store! And look out for her next book, Part-Time Princess!
Kadi Fedoruk Kadi Fedorukł

Love Blindsprings? Get everything Kadi in the Kadi Fedoruk store!
Girls With Slingshots Girls With Slingshots

Danielle Corsetoo has two stores, her Topatoco store. Don't forget to check out Volume Eight!
Guilded Age Guilded Age

A fan of Guided Age? Get books, buttons, and more in their store!
Hijinks Ensue Hijinks Ensue

Awesome shirts? Books? Prints? Wil Wheaton plushies? Joel Watson's got you covered.
Iron Circus Iron Circus

Spike Trotman's got it all - chicken plushes, funny books on living frugally, books about a different reality, and the most popular ladycentric smut anthology in comics! She also has a kickstarter for Poorcaft Wish You Were Here going!
Little Vampires Little Vampires

Who doesn't love little, adorable and portable evil? Everyone! EVERYONE, I SAY! So stop by the Little Vampires store and stock up!
Meredith McClaren Meredith McClaren

Meredith McClaren's's store is the place to find her book "Hinges" and more!
Monkey Minion Monkey Minion

You can find the gorgeous art of Dane Ault in his Monkey Minion store!
Multiplex Multiplex

Love movies? Spend some time with the people who keep them running at your theater by grabbing Multiplex books from the Multiplex store. Don't forget the "Shut Up Already" shirt!
Namesake Namesake

Delve into adventure and the fairylands with awesome merch from Fairylogue Press!
Nerdwatch Nerdwatch

In 2012, when we had the first ComfyCon, Andrew Diseker was kind enough to make a "vendor page" on his site for us. It was really great of him and we appreciate his kindness. He also has a sales area on his site, too, so give it a look. And don't forget to check out the rest of his site.
Not Invented Here Not Invented Here

Jeff Zugale is the artist for the webcomic and you can buy books with his art in the NIH Store! Jeff also has a Patreon account.
Schlock Mercenary Schlock Mercenary

Howard Tayler offers no shortage of goodies, from books to miniatures and coins. Don't forget to check out his clearance area.
Sfe Sfé Monster

Interested in Sfé Monster's work? You can go to, Eth's Skin, or the upcoming anthology Beyond.
Shortpacked! Shortpacked!/Dumbing of Age

David Willis offers a variety of books, posters and prints in his Shortpacked! shop. Dave's currently offering Dumbing of Age Book 3 and Shortpacked Book 5.
Slipshine Slipshine

Super fun, sex positive fun awaits you at Slipshine! (Not Safe For Work, obviously)
Something*Positive Something*Positive

Randy's got an art shop with Super Stupor comics, original art, prints and watercolors, as well as a store with Blind Ferret!
Spinnerette Spinnerette

Needing superpowered action with a superheroine who's got extra arms to save you with? The Spinnerette Store has you covered.
Sorcery 101 Sorcery 101

Kel McDonald has a slew of books and offers original art and commissions! And don't forget to check out her Sorcery 101 Omnibus Kickstarter!
Tales From the Floating Vagabond Tales From the Floating Vagabond

Pull up a barstool and enjoy a bracing shot of adventure at the Tales From the Floating Vagabond store!
Troutcave Depot Troutcave Depot

John Troutman's got books, prints, posters There's even a pay what you want bundle!.
Wasted Talent Wasted Talent

Angela Melick's store offers a lot of fun books, prints, and original art.

Enjoy gaming? Is dungeon crawling your idea of a good time, right after slaying dragons and pillaging goblins? You need to head to Alina Pete's Weregeek Store.

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