ComfyCon: Because We Don't Like You Enough to Put Pants On
November 21-23, 2014 - an all-online webcomics mini-convention!
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We're so comfy, we're still getting the 2014 schedule together! Check back tomorrow afternoon (Nov. 21, Eastern Time) for a list of what's going on!

Links to events will be posted here as they start. All times are Eastern/Stanard; schedule subject to change.
Links to Friday's videos can be found on the Schedule Page.

Friday, November 21th:
4pm: ET: Self Publishing vs Publisher (Kel McDonald, Nick Dragotta, Meredith A Mcclaren)

6pm ET: Opening Ceremonies (Danielle Corsetto, Randy Milholland)

8pm ET: Guilded Age Panel (Phil Khan, T Campbell)

9pm ET: Panel moved to Saturday Morning

Saturday, November 22:
11am ET: 9pm ET: Morning Con-Ops With Uncle Randy (Randy Milholland)

12pm ET: Webcomics (Joseph Stillwell, Isabelle Melancon, Kadi Fedoruk, Megan Lavey-Heaton)

1pm ET: Breeden's PaJama Party (Jennie Breeden, Alina Pete, Rebecca Hicks, Dane Ault)

3pm ET: Panel Roulette (Joel Watson, Angelia Melick, David Willis)

3:30pm ET: Before We Drew Comics - Day Job Stories (Howard Tayler, Jeff Zugale, Randy Milholland)

4pm ET: How to Run an Anthology Without Screwing It Up (Kel McDonald, Spike Trotman, Sfé Monste)

5pm ET: Spinnerette - Making Comics/Q&A Panel (Krazy Krow)

6pm ET: I Was a Teenage Christian Cartoonist (Joel Watson, David Willis, Randy Milholland)

7pm ET: Namesake (Megan Lavey-Heaton, Isabelle Melancon)

8pm ET: I've Been Doing Webcomics HOW LONG? (John Troutman, Randy Milholland)

9pm ET:
Slipshine (Josh Lesnick & Company)

10pm ET: Tales From the Floating Vagabond Game (Lee Garvin) - this is a roleplaying game run by the game's creator. There are eight open slots and the game will be run via Google Hangouts. If you are interested, tweent us (@comfycon) - first come, first served.

Sunday, November 23:
1pm ET: He's Got the Whole World... On His Show (Wednesday Burns-White, David Willis, Randy Milholland)

1pm ET: Danger Patrol (Alina Pete - this is a roleplaying game open to the public. If you would like to participate, tweet Alina) Description: The Danger Patrol is here to protect Rocket City from psychic mutants, evil space robots and other crazy threats! In this fast-paced pulp adventure game, you take on the role of a super-powered crime fighter, and as you put yourself in more danger, the more awesome you and your powers become!

2:30pm ET: Making Comic Around a Dayjob (Monica Gallagher, Jeff Zugale Gordon McAlpin)

3pm ET: Girls With Slingshots Livestream (Danielle Corsetto)

5pm ET: Closing Ceremonies (Randy sobs hysterically into a webcam for an hour, Danielle laughs)

5:30pm ET: Jeff Zugale/Not Invented Here Livestream (">Jeff Zugale)

7pm ET: Ask Me About My Dracula (Kel McDonald)

7pm ET: Super Art Fight (Super Art Fight)

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