ComfyCon: Because We Don't Like You Enough to Put Pants On
November 21-23, 2014 - an all-online webcomics mini-convention.
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ComfyCon's a free online convention, primarily focused on webcomics. Started by Danielle Corsetto fo Girls With Slingshots and Randy Milholland of Something*Positive, it's a three day event of online panels, reader-creator interactions, and more.

Not everyone can go to a convention. Sometimes it's money. Sometimes there's none you can get to. That's why ComfyCon's here. It's the convention you don't have to put your pants on for.

Want to watch a panel? Easy! Check out our schedule and see which events interest you. When it comes time for that panel, we'll post a link to the event on the schedule page, our Twitter account, and the front page. Can't make it in time for the panel? Don't worry! Our panelists do their best to record the panels and we'll post links to those, too.

You can participate, too. Do your own panel and post it under the #ComfyCon hashtag.

©2012, 2013 Danielle Corsetto &Randy Milholland