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Mike Dowden
Full Name: Michael Sinatra Dowden

Date of Birth: September 15, 1979

Ethnicity: Irish American

Religious Leanings: Catholic (Non-Practicing)

Addictions: Gaming, Being Right (slowly recovering)

Biography: Mike is a sixth generation Bostonian. He is the product of a long line of Irish cops and a lot of rampant alcoholism. He, however, has not followed in either tradition and instead works at a gaming shop.

Mike's early years were divided beaten into a pulp for his loud mouth and hiding behind his older, and stronger, cousin Branwen Maher. As he got older the only thing to change was his cousin's willingness to prevent a sound beating on his hide. Mike did, for a while, have a girlfriend named Tamara. Long suffering, Tamara finally had enough of being neglected and gave up on Mike.

Things didn't get much better for Mike over the next few years. He was tossed from not only a gaming group because of PeeJee Shou (or, more directly, his ability to not treat her as an inferior being because of her gender) but banned from almost every con in the New England area. Eventually repeated acts of kindness enamored Mike to PeeJee who, while she never returned the affection, was willing to give him one last chance when she saw he'd changed for the better. Since then, Mike has rekindled his love with Tamara and, in spite of occasional slip ups, is accepted by the bulk of the cast... if begrudgingly so.
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