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Kharisma Valetti
Full Name: Kharisma Ann Valetti

Stage Name: Kharisma O'Neill

Date of Birth: August 3, 1970

Ethnicity: Italian American

Religious Leanings: Catholic (when it benefits her to be)

Addictions: Pictures of herself and rich men

Biography: Kharisma grew up a little too privileged. Her parents were considerably well off and she always had the best of everything. She always had vast amounts of money and men at her disposal. The only thing her father asked was that she get a token job just so it would seem like she's trying to be an adult. For years, Kharisma found herself bouncing from job to job while "pursuing" a professional career writing poetry. Unfortunately, the market for narcissistic pros wasn't as large as she'd hoped.

Eventually, Kharisma found herself on her own and without her father's aid. For a couple of years, she worked with Davan in Medicaid billing. Recently, however, she's hired on at Aubrey's phone sex company, "Nerdrotica."
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