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Fred MacIntire
Full Name: William Fred MacIntire

Date of Birth: February 13, 1935

Ethnicity: American Mutt (Irish/Native American - Crow Tribe)

Religious Leanings: Southern Baptist

Addictions: Sarcasm and Faye MacIntire

Biography: Fred grew up on a small farm in rural Arkansas. His childhood was dotted with hard work in the fields and hospital trips for severe problems with hearing. His early adult life was spent as a barber in a nearby small town. After marrying Faye, the two of them moved to Texas to start their family. There, Fred worked for thirty-two years in a local helicopter plant as a safety inspector.

Now retired, Fred bides his time while waiting for his wife to come home from work and busying himself with various hobbies - most notably trying to keep an eye on their youngest daughter, Monette.

Fred is a cranky man who has little patience or time for nonsense and isn't afraid to make sure everyone knows his opinion. It is very obvious which parent Davan takes after.
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