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Eva Marcott
Full Name: Eva Marcott

Maiden Name: Olsen

Date of Birth: November 12, 1977

Ethnicity: American Mutt

Religious Leanings: Agnostic

Addictions: Bad Relationships, Bad Choices

Biography: Davan first met Eva when Jason took him trolling for girlfriends. He immediately handed her a dating resume and she showed interest. Soon after, they started dating. Things went well at first, but soon jealousy on the part of Eva and a few of Davan's friends showed up. Eventually things ended when Davan walked in on Eva with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Marcus.

Eva left Marcus soon after, finding love in a gentle and kind young man named Grey. They became engaged but Eva would eventually leave him for Marcus as well, this time marrying her old flame. When that marriage began to fall apart, Eva confided in Jason (who she remained friends with) that she and "Davan" had been talking online and were considering rekindling their relationship... only it wasn't Davan she was talking to.

And that's when things turned ugly.
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